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Wednesday, September 18, 2019

A late post in the middle of Sept

Hai, Assalamualaikum readers fellow, 

Hah! Baru nak timbul nih. Sejak seminggu lalu dah karang ayat apa nak tulis, tapi tak habis dikarang, maka Aien ngambil keputusan rewrite je la even the draft already had. Yep. Idea tengah mencurah. Tak salah kita nak taip lagi. 😌 Rajin kan? 

Well, as I promise (yeah, I know. I talk too much yet not doing it.) Here I am to write some my experience to kept online. Some people might read it, or some people may not. 

Should I said, after taking care of two little fellas in this house, my life would became more merrier. You know what I mean? Yes, And this is my 'me time' too. Fuh! Just another wednesday. 

The beginning of another little fellas will coming thru after this. Before that, let me bla blah myself. So damn tired, and I need some coffee. (yet I'm still lay down feeding my little one here) 

Aha, He's turn 2 month today! Happy month-day honey! 🎉 

And here we go down to little memory lane for 2 month ago. 

15-7-19 (Isnin)

I suppose to felt afraid that you might came out late from your EDD. I don't want to, because your EDD such a nice date. 17-7-19. Later at night before we gone to sleep, I asked your ayah to talk with you. And tomorrow if I not had a sign to labour, we need to go check up for last more time. I am just can't wait to meet you little buddy, either you a girl or a boy. neither we can choose. 

16-7-19 (Selasa)

Early in the morning. I should cook lunch early because if I'm late, and we late for check up. After taking a bath, I felt something in between. Bila cek, darah mengalir. And I was like afraid cum nervous plus happy. Alhamdulillah dia nak keluar ikut EDD dia like I wish for and he listened to his ayah. Aha, me like, "Nak ayah jugak pujuk." 

Terus kejut Encik Husband and kabo kat dia. Dia punya takut sampai lompat katil and asked, "Ada rasa sakit ke? Nak kena g spital terus ke?" I said " Tak ada sakit, cumanya bleeding je la macam period gitu. Sepertinya daku masih boleh berkmas lagi, nervous tu sebab tak tahu either nak pergi KK ke HSA. Ikutkan tanda, kena terus pergi hospital like nurse always remind everytime we goes to check up. So, we decide to go to HSA. 
After give Nayla bath, and Encik Husband siap-siap, we left to HSA as people are busy to off their office in the morning. Jammed teruk! Haha 

For some usual step to get in, after 20 minute at bilik saringan. Cek semua, CTG semua. is normal and I didn't rasa the pain. The way baru bukak 2cm. 

Masa kakak dulu baru bukak 2cm tu dah sakit la jugak, terus rushing ke Hospital Pontian sebab masa tu kat kampung. Kena la jugak bermalam di sana, tapi still tak ada tanda-tana nak bersalin. Har har. Dia punya lambat nak siap mekap, amek masa seminggu. 

Back to the story, bila dia cakap baru 2cm, me be like, "ceh?!" 

And after some test, doctor asked regular question and tell me to back home till the huge sign. Masa tu macam, "Bila la baby Ibu nak keluar ni nak?" 

Ping pang ping pung, lewat petang kitaorang balik kampung. As we planned cause need to leave Nayla with her granny if we need to go HSA again. Kalau kat rumah sendiri kang, kelam kabut jugak. Like people always said, giving birth ni macam time bomb. Dapat EDD but the real time is, we doesn't know when and where. 

17-7-19 (Rabu)

The D-day comes yet the pain is such a tiny pain. Not the huge one. So, we wait for it. Minum air kelapa, enjoy the last moment for three people before we become four. Enjoy sebelum stress dengan suara nangis yang kita tak tahu dia nak apa even though is such a happy moment buat sementara waktu. 😅 

Petang, me and Encik Husband trained kakak Nayla to be left with her granny. We left for buy her milk. And should I say, the pain became rough. And kept coming around half and hour. Still can bear it, even bila jalan tu terberhenti sampai Encik Husband ngusik, "takkan nak terberanak dah." Sebabnya kitaorang merempit. Kah! Tengah sakit tu. That's the best moment. Ye la, lama dah tak dating since dah ada Nayla and advice for new weds couple, never rush to get a child. Enjoy your momento with your new spouse, lover and friend. Even you guys dah lama kenal, perkahwinan is not same with those term. Get it? 

Eceh, sempat lagi kan? 

After maghrib the pain comes very fast. Sekitar 10 minit sekali dan dalam seminit ke dua minit macam tu. Fuh, Ingat nak hold sampai pagi esok cause tak mau la pegi tengah malam lagi. Kang semua tak cukup rest. 

Masa Nayla sebab the first time, the pain unbearable, even masa memula tu, tapi sebenarnya lepas tu you can tell when the time is. So don't be nervous, I kept telling myself that one. Be cool, don't cry, don't scream. Selawat bebanyak. Pray for the best. Yet, tengahari jugak Nayla keluar. fuh, bermalam la semalam di Hospital tu. 

Bila the second one ni, me like, okay..  sakit. The worst part one. Lupa kan masa ni? haha 
Bila semua orang sibuk nak masuk tidur, Encik Husband asked, "are you okay? Need to go now?" Me like, "nevermind. boleh tahan lagi." dan setengah jam kemudian hati terdetik, "sakit ni macam masa dah kat wad dulu je." Tapi tengok muka husband baru nak lelap. Nayla dah lena lama dah. Sebab dah sakit yang amat end up kejut jugak cakap dah tak tahan. Really to go now before bersalin kat rumah. Sakit dia dah sampai rasa nak je teran. 😂 

18-7-19 (Khamis)

Zup zup zup... Macam Michael Schumacher, Encik Husband bawak dari Pekan Nenas ke HSA, 15 minit jam 1, dah sampai. Fuh, sakit usah dibawa bincang. Teringat dalam drama, macamana deme masa sakit tu boleh suruh driver makin laju even dah tak tahan sakit? Humor me. Cause me like makin tell him to slowdown while the pain attacked. Such a pain. Sebab tu la agak lambat sikit la. haha But, jalan tengah malam in the middle of week.. naa is such a road to heaven, kau~

And macam biasa laa, even tengah malam lagi ramai manusia di dewan bersalin ni. Masa tunggu pun, sakit dia tu.. coming thru part two. Sempat cakap dengan Encik Husband, "harap-harap dapat terus masuk labour room, bersalin, rehat dan boleh balik petang. Tak payah bermalam kat hospital."
"One more thing, harap jugak dapat balik dengan gelang biru. Boleh rehat terus." Encik Husband just senyum. Masuk bilik saringan, CTG show up with some sign of labor. Me like dah gigil masa tu sebab takut ke sejuk tak tahu la. Kena bebel dengan doctor pun dah tak kisah. Tengah malam nok, ada jugak nak bebel. Adeh, but what she said is true. And me like swear.. Yeah, After I got the boy, then I relax.

Dua hari lepas yang datang tu, pakar scan baby may huge than we think he is. Around 3kg and might be prepared for caeseran. Dan itu yang paling nak dielakkan. Dan juga macam biasa masa Nayla pun, doctor situ keep asked why me never be refer to pakar because of my height. Lucky me, I don't have such a problem during my pregnancies and never drink the sugar water that most pregnant woman afraid of. My HB is doing fine, my baby is doing well. Even not with the properly diet. #alhamdulillah

Bila tengok dorang gelabah macam apa, like nurse said, "doc, dia dah ready.." and doctor pecahkan air ketuban, nurse cucukkan jarum/branula kat tangan. Lepas tu, suruh tukar baju but not in toilet. Masa tu, gigil lagi tak payah bawak bincang. huwaaa, kenapa kenapa?? Why is it?? macam mamai tengok dorang kelam kabut. Ala, nak salin normal. Sambil tukar baju tu, nurse asked for Encik Husband and suruh daftar. Punya la Encik Husband takut dia nak jumpa dulu. Haha

After all, there nothing. Dorang gelabah sebab kejarkan dewan bersalin yang tengah ada kosong dan Aien pun dah tunjuk tanda-tanda nak bersalin. Gila kau, aku rasa macam nak teran dah masa tu. But, still hold for gentle birth la. Siap nurse tanya last makan jam berapa tadi. Nasib la labu. Sebab dah masuk labour room tak buleh makan. Hanya air masak saja.

Jam 2 standby dalam labour room. Peed twice on them, on bed once cause of nervous and pain part three. After giving some painkiller, I was gone for a little rest.

And here we go.. Pain high level part four. Ah,, Aku lupa part ni paling sakit!! O M G. Allahuma solli ala Muhammad. Baca selawat Nabi Yunus.

Sekitar jam 430 pagi. The proses begin with doc helping me to spread the way. Maybe the way doesn't fit enough for him to came out. But his head was there already. The doctor tell Encik Husband to going outside first and she asked me to push in proper way. And aha, Dah okay  and me was ready, bila Encik Husband masuk dia tekan kepala kita, masa tu rasa macam nak jerit je. Hahaha Orang nak teran makin dilock-downya kepala kita. Hadeh hadeh hadeh.. end up Aien terjerit sampai doctor kata, "Puan, napa jerit. Selawat puan." Such a nice doctor. And realise second exprience was good enough.

Paling momento is, when Encik Husband bisik kat telinga Aien, "Lelaki wak.. " 😭😭

Masa tu dalam hati, alhamdulillah boleh rehat. hahaha dan second parr best is doctor letak baby fresh from oven kat dada as we always seen kat luar negara. Masa Nayla dulu yang sambut sepasukan bola doctor intern. Ramai tapi, semua nervous macamana kita yang nervous. Dah la first time, ramai macam tu and semua gelabah. But, the second time.. so peaceful walau nampak kelam kabut.

Jam 448 pagi, lahir seorang putera buat pasangan Wan dan Nur. Alhamdulillah dah sepasang. Boleh rehat sebentar bersama KitKat.

Tapi sayang Izz Najmi tak saing dengan Putera ketiga TMJ. hehe Tak apa, janji anak Ibu sehat, membesar dengan jayanya alhamdulillah. Sekarang pun dia asyik tengok kakak Nayla main sorang². Tak sabar la tu. Tunggu ye, Ibu create bilik khas untuk korang berdua,, semoga kita dimurahkan rezeki ye.. 😊

That's all the end of my journey second pregnancy of Izz Najmi. Kalau mahu, tunggu tiga empat tahun kemudian, target nak dapatkan sepasang lagi supaya Nayla dan Najmi masing² ada kawan main,gaduh dan bff. Tiada apa yang lebih baik daripada adik beradik sendiri. 😉

Then, we meet in other entry. Night!


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