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Sunday, March 26, 2017

7 siblings and almost 27 years living

Tetiba dapat idea. While belek-belek my wedding pictures and video. Tap! 

I'm proud with my seven siblings. Actually it nice to write seven sister-s, but, I only got 6 sister with a brother. The only one prince in the family. 

Writing this entry means I miss them so much. TT

Bukannya tak pernah jauh dari family sebelum ni, cumanya.... 

It's hard to explain. Being a housewife, waiting for husband to come back home. Finishing all house core, and... everything done~ and what you do during your spare time? 

Some housewife told, she can finish write a book during her child sleep. Some of them also told, they don't have time to do all of that. Get busy you know. Doing all home stuff. Naaa~ 

It's depends to you how you manage your home actually. I do think do something to cover all my boredom. 

First, I can get a new hobby such as knitting, sewing or anything you know. Be a housewife, you will have a lot of time. If you know what I mean. 

Apa da dia ni bebel...

Keep doing what you really want babey~ 

"Why not you kerja saja? dapat cover duit jajan you.." 


"Do some bisnes la..."


"If you be a dropship, you don't have to do anything.."

There a lot of opinion given by people. What I really want actually? 

Wait and see~ 



  1. ade orang cakap, jadi suri rumah nie lagi penat dari kuar bekerja.. betul ke? huhu

    1. hahaha itunya dia penat dr segi mental dan fizikal... haha

  2. samalah. Q pun ada seven siblings jugak. Q nombor enam. meriahlah ramai2.

  3. Kena buat sesuatu cth hobi yg kita suka..
    Dari situ mungkin tak akan rasa bosan.. 💕

  4. Paah pun jauh dari family... Nun di seberang laut sana... Paah ikut husband duduk kat sabah... Family kay pahang... Huhu...

    Jemput jalan ke blog saya...


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