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Saturday, March 12, 2016

Who is your bias by SARAH

okay. Aien ditag oleh adik syomel ni. Yang mana beliau telah ditag oleh chingu-nya. Eh~ macam bunyi penyakit pulak. Boleh baca apa siapa dia punya favorite SINI

◆5 Fav Boys Group
◆5 Fav Girls Group
◆10 Bias
◆ reason why you love your ultimate bias
◆ add the banner to your entry
◆ Tag 2 more kpoppers so they can answer this
◆ can update in english or malay

So, I'm gonna answer this with long expression. BECAUSE
actually I don't have any bias. I love kpop because the music. But, I'll answer this will all my heart. ♥ 

A) VIXX, U-KISS, Beast, BTS, Big Bang

B) A-pink, Sistar, 2ne1, Dasoni (Hani& Solji), dont know who....  T^T

C) 1. Leo - I just stalk him few months. And I just want to meet someone like him. :) 

2. Kris Wu Yifan (is this count?) 
3. Hongbin VIXX
5. Jungkook BTS
6. Kim Jae Joong
7. 8. 9. 10. and I don't know any else :D

Two my beloved kpoppers chingu.. 

P/S: I really don't have any bias really. If I listening to music I choose based on my taste. If I watch variety show, I choose which is most interesting, If I stalk to idols, that mean... I love to see their personality but not to be my bias. Haha 

So, enjoy reading. 


  1. wahhhh....ramainya...akak minat beast n big bang je..hehe

    1. haaha well tapi feveret because of their music. and kadang2 je baru usah deme2 tu..


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