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Tuesday, December 29, 2015

New Year GIveaway by Angelene

Angele have a giveaway contest~ yeay~...

Jom kite serang untuk dapatkan dreamcatcher tu~ 

Ala-ala Bella yang tak dapat tido nyenyak akibat Edward pergi meninggalkannya. T.T 

Mana la nak tahu kalau-kalau Jacob datang menemani ke nanti. 

Ahakz~ dreaming again.. 

Da~ that's dream catcher. Of course I want to dream it. 

ohohohoo Let's us compete fairly and squarely. mwahaha



heheh sorry I forgot to put it. Tu la terlalu eksaited nak dapat dreamcatcher tu, 


New Year wish~ 

I wish me and all my family and friends stay healthy and wealthy. haha 

My biggest wishes......
 actually I don't have one. Because there are so much I wish for, and still in progress..
So, for 2016.... 
and I'm becoming older one year again.. I hope that I can be as mature as people expect me too.. 

that's all.. 


ps: click the banner if you want to join it. 

ada kena tag orang ke? tak ada. Good. K


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  1. Dear, you forgot to put your new year wish. Just tell me about your new year wish to stand a chance to win that dreamcatcher. Thank you for joining by thw way. ☺


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