Wednesday, October 07, 2015

The changes

Everyone need it. The changes in their lives. Including me. But how? How  did you know that you need to change? Either for good or for bad. Normally people usually say, 
Hah~ you just know how to say it, but you never do it.

Without support from your family, friend or anyone you know on earth, the change never will happen.

Believe it or not. Even people always said, it becoming from yourself. If you not strong enough want to, it never comes to you. Yes. I admit it. It never come to me not just because I don't want to, it also the supporter, the important supporter in my life, never.. ever hold me, tell me.. 

I know you strong enough, child..

It's okay, dear. As long you alive..

or perhaps..
I always love you for who you are.
That's it. Because of that, I always stay for who I am now. forever. ever. 

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